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Southeast Equipment Company helps merchants consider the modern definition for "mercantile occupancies," a wide variety of possible arrangements that warrant attention. From small freestanding shops to large mega-mall projects; from simple store counters to huge bulk merchandising retail centers that take on the nature more of a warehouse than a merchandising center; any tenant which involves the display and sale of a product could be designated as a mercantile building needing sprinklers.

In addition, new merchandising efforts have associated the sale of a variety of products with other-use spaces. It is not unusual to see a shopping mall which serves as an ancillary use to a hotel, an office complex or even a transportation terminal. The myriad of building heights, sizes, construction types and fuel loading, especially with a wide variety of product types and display means, have likewise presented a major concern to fire protection professionals to find a reasonable yet cost-effective means to protect these properties.

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