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SERIES 6800 with VMS Pumps

  • Applications

    New and retrofit water boosting installations in mid to large size residential, commercial, or industrial settings (such as apartment buildings, office towers, hospitals, hotels, schools, water treatment plants, factories, etc.)

  • Description

    The Armstrong Design Envelope 6800 Boosters are fully assembled, programmed, integrated and factory-tested turn-key booster systems. They are equipped with vertical multistage pumps and come in arrangements of 2 to 5 pumps. The integrated controls allow for superior performance and energy efficiency across broad operating envelopes. Most suitable for applications where energy consumption and low maintenance are critical, installation space comes at a premium, and occupant comfort is a high priority. 

  • Materials

    Stainless steel 304 piping

  • Performance range

    Up to 2000 USgpm (450 m3/hr) flow; up to 370 psi (22 bar) pressure

  • Power Range

    Up to 250 hp (up to 185 kW)

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